At a State Department press conference today, Secretary of State Effie Trinket announced that she has resigned as Secretary of State and will serve as an acting Secretary until her replacement is confirmed by the Senate.

A quote from Secretary Trinket:

I thank you for coming here today, first of all, and it’s never easy to say what I will say today. As all of you very well know, rumors have spread about my impending resignation. These rumors are correct; it is with a heavy heart that I have submitted my resignation to the President. However, as I am no longer bound to the President’s administration, I feel that is my duty as a citizen to call for President Paylor to resign as well following her veto of term limits on the Presidency. The veto is a direct sign of a rising authoritarian dictatorship that I nor any citizen of Panem will stand for, and this is why I have decided to resign immediately. I also call on the citizens of Panem to use common sense in this election; see through the politics of it all. See the consequences of who you elect to the Presidency.

The statement by Trinket seems to mirror similar accusations from Secretary of Communications Plutarch Heavensbee, who also was mentioned to be resigning. However, his office denies such a claim, but rumors still linger.

The turmoil in the Paylor administration could certainly trouble the President in her reelection campaign, as who were once her greatest allies have begun to become her enemies. The possibility of a presidential challenger to Paylor coming from her own administration is not a fringe idea anymore, many say. Some speculate that Trinket herself could launch a campaign for President, but many say that she would be the weaker candidate in a hypothetical face-off between her and Paylor.


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