A law created by the former government of Coriolanus Snow prohibiting media other than that licensed by the government of Panem has been repealed in a unanimous vote by both the newly appointed Panem House of Representatives and Senate.

The repeal provides for Panem media to reemerge from underground circuits, where it has remained since the Snow-era law was first enacted after the first Panem rebellion that began the Hunger Games.

President Paylor is expected to sign the bill in the company of several prominent media leaders, including the leader of the Panem Free Press, Alexander Emerson.

Reception of the bill has been overall supportive, being called a “step towards democracy” and “the restoration of a fundamental freedom.” However, Snow supporters have panned the new bill and are planning protests against its enactment.

The following release by the authoritarian Restore Our Government group shows definite displeasure:

The idea that free media will be allowed in Panem in as little as two days is completely devastating to this nation. Without government in charge of the media, slander will fly and the country will crumble. The Restore Our Government group decries this senseless act and will protest it in the coming days.

The installation of media censorship after this law would be almost impossible, as polls show record support in media freedom and a definite low for authoritarian rule.


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