Panem Free Press has just been informed by an anonymous source within the Paylor administration that top cabinet members will soon announce their resignations.

This source claims that these officials include Secretary of Communications Plutarch Heavensbee, who, due to his open defiance of President Paylor’s policies, is considered a possible presidential challenger. Heavensbee’s office had this to say in response to the claims:

Such claims of Secretary Heavensbee resigning are absolutely unfounded. Despite his disagreements with the President, he still maintains a healthy friendship with Her Excellency and has no plans at the moment to resign or to challenge her in the next presidential election. We ask for such rumors to cease as to allow the Secretary to continue his job without the added stress of such ideas.

Also included by the source was Secretary of State Effie Trinket. Trinket herself has remained mostly quiet in regards to President Paylor’s policies, but has been known to occasionally spar with the President over certain matters.

Secretary Trinket’s office wished not to comment on the claims.

The claims of such resignations come on the heels of significant legislation in the Capitol. The Panem Congress has approved a constitutional amendment that will be sent to the districts for ratification if it is signed by Paylor.  The constitutional amendment would prohibit presidents of Panem from serving more than two terms in a row and would cut down the term length from six years per term to four years per term. Paylor has already announced her opposition to the bill and has threatened to veto the bill if it crosses her desk. Paylor’s opponents openly slammed her for such an opposition, saying that it appears authoritarian, some even comparing her to Snow and calling for immediate impeachment.

Both Heavensbee and Trinket jumped on the opportunity to attack Paylor for her opposition, leading to a very tense situation.

It is widely believed that even if Paylor were to veto the bill, the Panem Congress would override her veto and send it to the districts regardless. Polling shows massive support from the districts for such an amendment.


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